Don’t roll your eyes. Here’s what you need to know about the new wellness-meets-weddings trend.

Photo: Healthy Luxe Hens

If the prospect of penis straws, scantily clad ‘firemen’ and wearing a bejewelled ‘Bride’ sash makes your palms sweat and stomach churn (like, not in a fun way) this one’s for you.

Along with foliage bouquets, Edison bulbs and long, banquet-style tables, swapping Absolut for acroyoga and pole dancing for picnics is the latest trend for #BrideChillas or #ZenHens emerging on the Australian wedding scene.

Boutique services that plan healthy hen dos have started to pop up, which offer a range of feel-good, holistic activities for you, your inner circle and the various guests your obliged to invite, because weddings = controversy. Anyway!

Here’s a primer, and who knows – maybe you (see: whoever’s been tasked with organising the festivities – lucky them) can create for the big day out.

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Healthy Hens

This service has three packages available, including a weekend at the Peninsula Hot Springs (sign us up) and a day of events sans the sleepover. From raw desert cooking classes (see, you can have your cake and eat it, too) to SUP yoga and DIY flower crown making, the planners at Healthy Hens create a “relaxing, entertaining and enlightening alternative” to “pink hummers and nightclubs” as well as the potential for great Instagram fodder – which, honestly, is what most of us want from a day like this anyway. Locations span across Australia, so check out if there’s one close to you here.

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Healthy Luxe Hens

Created by health and wedding industry stalwarts, Zoe Dent and Jacqui Scruby (they own the excellent Wedding Nest registry service, for those uninitiated) this Sydney-based business“curates beautiful boutique workshops and experiences that are health and style driven.” The activities include floral wreath making, exercise sessions and nutrition classes. There’s also a tantric goddess available, if you’re looking for something a little racier, and as for drinks? Well, they’ve partnered with Pressed Juices. Let the good times flow!

Three tips to DIY
  • Incorporate an activity that relates to one of the bride’s hobbies that the guests can do and bond over together.
  • Include something meaningful over the course of the festivities – an easy one is asking guests to bring a photo of themselves with the bride, with a short, meaningful message written on the back.
  • Ask guests to each cook and bring a dish that the bride likes to eat, or that has a memory associated with it.

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