Do you organise your outfits based on what you’re planning to eat?

Photo: Instagram @ninaagdal

There’s a hilarious meme doing the rounds on the internet that states; “I plan my outfit based on how much I plan on eating”.

LOLs aside, surely this sentiment rings true for a majority of women and their wardrobe choices. For me, it comes not just out of fear of looking good but also a need to feel comfortable. How much more relaxing is a long lunch in a billowing maxi than jeans that dig in at the sides?

My mind will often go through a dress-food-thought process. Wearing a tight dress to that wedding tomorrow? Anything that leads to bloating will be avoided 24 hours prior. Heading out in a bikini? I’ll be sipping on H2O to keep skin dewy, help my metabolism run smoothly and combat water retention. While many people I know say they opt to cut about in activewear as a mental tool to make them pick salads over hot chips.

And it turns out Victoria’s Secret models also plans like this. Speaking to US site Well + Good, model Nina Agdal talks about how her diet changes when she sports a crop top or bikini.

“If I’m going to be in a crop top and know I’m going to be photographed, I stick with juices, shakes, and protein bars,” she told the site.

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She’s also a huge advocate of proteins: “I think all women are a little scared of high-protein drinks at first until they actually learn about it,” she said.

“Everyone needs protein. You need it especially if you work out a lot, but even if you don’t, it’s still really important because it keeps you full and tones your muscles. A lot of women think they’re going to bulk up if they have too much, but you won’t. I’m telling you, you won’t!”

When she’s not in crop top or bikini, the model enjoys a diet of yoghurt and honey for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken or steak for dinner – pretty good for any outfit if you ask me.

October 21, 201611:54am

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