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Lauren Hannaford

Each Wednesday Lauren Hannaford takes us through a gruelling workout, inspired by a word, that will get your body summer ready in no time. This week, the word is CELEBRATION. As Lauren says, “Celebrate every little victory for every small progression gets you closer to your end goal. Celebrate the journey.”

The moves

The movesSource:BodyAndSoul

Side Shuttles

Skip or shuffle 3 steps to the right, squat down to touch the floor then shuffle or skip 3 steps to the left and touch the floor. Try to go as quickly as your can. Bend at your knees to touch the floor and not through your lower back.

Star Jumps

Keep arms straight, jump feet out to land on the balls of your feel, engage your glutes as you land and keep your core working the whole time.


Hands flat on the floor with arms locked in straight to start.

Keep belly button pulled in and bottom squeezed to help keep core switched on.

Start knees off the ground, do as many as you can then place knees on ground if you need to.

Hurdle Hops

Drive your left knee and your right arm upwards until you hop off the ground then switch to drive your right knee and left arm up. Use your core to help drive your knee up past hip height. Do these continuously one after the other and as quickly as you can to get your heart rate up.

Tricep Dips

Place feet shoulder width apart and hands flat on the ground behind you. Lift your bottom off the floor and engage your core. Whilst keeping your core engage dip to bend at the elbow then push back up to straight arms. Keep bottom off the ground the whole time.


Lay yourself down on your back with your feet shoulder with apart and your heels a comfortable distance away from your bottom. From here, press your heels into the ground and drive your hips/pelvis into the air to your highest comfortable point, squeeze your glutes and hold for 3 seconds before lowering back to the ground and repeating.

Ab ankle taps

Lay on your back with your knees bent, left your head and shoulders off the floor so you can reach your ankles. Keeping your obliques engaged, alternate tapping each ankle. Put your feet further away to make it more challenging.

Lunge jumps

Keep your chest up right and engage your core, as your jump and switch your feet make sure you push out of the front of your heel, land steady by keeping your bottom tucked under and engaged.

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Lauren Hannaford is an elite gymnast, fitness model, dancer, gymnastics coach and a personal trainer. For more on her click here.

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