The countdown to Christmas is on. Get fit fast with this body-toning workout.

Photo: Lauren Hannaford

Each Wednesday Lauren Hannaford takes us through a grueling workout, inspired by a word, that will get your body summer ready in no time. This week, the word is GOALS. As Lauren says, “Be specific about your goals to have a clear measure of your achievements”.

Wednesday Work Workout

Wednesday Work WorkoutSource:BodyAndSoul

Star jumps

Keep arms straight, jump feet out to land on the balls of your feel, engage your glutes as you land and keep your core working the whole time.

Lunge jumps

Keep your chest up right and engage your core, as your jump and switch your feet make sure you push out of the front of your heel, land steady by keeping your bottom tucked under and engaged.

Star pushups

Hands flat on the floor with arms locked in straight to start.

Feel like you are pulling you belly button into your spine and keep your bottom squeezed to help keep core switched on. From here jump your feet outward to shoulder width apart and drop your chest almost to the floor then push back up whilst you jump your feet back together.

Floor sprints

Start in a plank with your hands flat on the ground and your arms straight.

From here draw your knee into your chest and alternate each leg so you are running.

Bicycle crunches

Lay down flat on your back. From here lift both feet and your head off the ground. Move your legs in a bicycle motion and bring opposite elbow to opposite knee with each movement.

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Lauren Hannaford is an elite gymnast, fitness model, dancer, gymnastics coach and a personal trainer.For more on her click here.

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