An at-home circuit that will have you breaking a sweat in your living room.

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Each Wednesday Lauren Hannaford takes us through a grueling workout, inspired by a word, that will get your body summer ready in no time. This week, the word is ENCOURAGE. As Lauren says, “Always be encouraging of yourself and those around you. We all sweat better together.”

Star jumps

Keep arms straight, jump feet out to land on the balls of your feel, engage your glutes as you land and keep your core working the whole time.

Floor sprints

Start in a plank with your hands flat on the ground and your arms straight.

From here draw your knee into your chest and alternate each leg so you are running.

Plank hold (on elbows)

Start in an elbow plank with your forearms on the ground and your hands together. Your feet should be together and your bottom squeezed. Focus on drawing your belly button into your spine so your core is switch on and hold.

Squat jumps

Keep your core switched on, heels pressed into the floor as you jump, your chest up and bottom tucked under. Touch the floor with both hands in front of you as you squat.

Front support drops

Start in a plank with your hands flat on the ground and your arms straight. From here, controlling through your core by keeping it switched on and tight you are going to drop your right arm onto your elbow, followed by the left then but up to your hands. Alternate each side.

Ab ankle taps

Lay on your back with your knees bent, left your head and shoulders off the floor so you can reach your ankles. Keeping your obliques engaged, alternate tapping each ankle. Put your feet further away to make it more challenging.

Left/Right lunge pulses

Step back to place foot behind you and bend both knees. Press through your front heel and pulse a few cm’s up and down. Keep shoulders up and straight as possible.

November 23, 201611:17am

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