Hint: her shopping cart consists of lots of eggs, avocados and leafy greens.

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She squats 115 kilos and has won the CrossFit Games two years running, so when Katrin Davidsdottir spills on what her day on a plate looks like, we’re all ears.

Speaking to Rodale Wellness, the Iceland native explained her day starts with eggs, fried on both sides, half an avocado, some fruit and coffee with cream.

“I’ve got to have my eggs, otherwise my day starts off wrong,” she told the publication. “In an effort to get more fat in my diet for fuel, I eat half of the avocado and then the cream in my coffee.”

When it comes to lunch, no food court sandwiches here. Davidsdottir will have a chicken salad and the other half of the avocado.

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On days she doesn’t get time to have lunch, she substitutes with coconut water mixed with protein powder and a serving of fruit.

Dinner is jam-packed with green vegies (think spinach, kale and broccoli) with a protein like chicken or salmon “for its healthy fats and vitamin D.”

While we aren’t all CrossFit superstars, a good balance of protein, carbs and vegetables is not a bad way to eat at all.

Make sure to consult your doctor before dramatically changing your diet.

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August 25, 20169:26am

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