While for many people the goal of getting fit is losing weight, there is nothing better than having a musculature that shows off your hard work, too. Think of fitness as a non-negotiable part of your day (like meals, sleep and work) and focus on your arms with these moves from the inspiring founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold.  

Exercise 1: Triceps press (or triceps can-can)

Our triceps are located on the back of the upper arm, a place many of us are looking to tone. This movement will specifically target the area and build muscle in the upper arm. Not to mention, this exercise is pretty much a backwards push up, so that’s cool, too. 

 – Begin seated with feet flat on floor, knees bent

–  Place hands just behind your hips, hip distance apart

–  Tip weight backwards into hands and lift hips off mat. Extend R leg to straight

–  Bend both elbows then straighten. Repeat for 15 reps, then switch to extend L leg to straight and repeat

Tips: Keep weight shifted back towards hands. Keep hips lifted high

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Exercise 2: Arm walks (1kg weights needed)

This one is all about moving your arms in a motion that simulates walking. Repetitions of this movement improves the arms’ strength – which will come in handy next time you’ve got an IKEA haul to unload… or just a hefty shop to carry up, at once. 

– Begin standing with arms resting by sides, feet hip distance apart

– Lift arms to chest height, palms facing inward

– Lift right arm to chin level, whilst lowering left arm to hip level. Slowly switch, and repeat for 15 reps (R + L counts as one rep)

– Repeat entire series with palms facing upwards

– Repeat entire series with palms facing downwards

Tips: Keep shoulders relaxed out of ears and neck free of tension. If you feel lots of neck tension, reduce the amount of weight and/or reps

Exercise 3: Chest press-ups

Yes it’s a classic, but like chocolate ice-cream and Friends re-reuns, it’s for good reason. Press-ups are known for being a great toning mechanism, which is kind of why you’re here, isn’t it?!

– Begin on all fours, hands stacked under shoulders, knees stacked underhips

– Walk hands forwards and slightly wider than shoulder distance and tip weight forwards into a kneeling plank position. A diagonal line should form between ears to hips

– Bend elbows to lower chest towards the floor. Press elbows to straight. Repeat exercise for 2-3 rounds of 15 reps

Tip: For a challenge, you can try this in a full plank, trying to maintain good form throughout

Repeat this mini arm workout every day (or almost) for two weeks and notice the difference in the tone of your arms

Let us know how you go, would you?

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If you love these exercises and Barre is already you’re favourite part of your fitness program, consider a career in teaching Pilates or Barre, and visit Barre Body. For more from Emma Seibold follow @barrebody and @emmabarrebody.

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