Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell have put their skin in the hands of London facialist Linda Meredith. Now you can, too.

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As the weather warms and your time in the sun extends, it’s important to be as meticulous with your skincare routine as you would be with your swimwear selection. As party season heats up, so do those UV rays, and celebrity facialist Linda Meredith has some advice that will keep your skin fresh, supple and, most importantly, protected this season.

1. Protect yourself against the sun

You know sunscreen is an absolute non-negotiable – “SPF creams need to be re-applied every two hours,” says Meredith. But another great way to protect your skin is time exactly when you go in the sun. “Use your common sense,” says Meredith and stay indoors when the sun is strongest. Enjoy your vitamin D earlier in the morning, or later in the evening – with a hat in hand (or, on head) and the appropriate SPF applied, of course.

2. Cleanse, cleanse and more cleanse

“Double cleanse at night,” says Meredith. “Use a cream cleanser to remove any topical products such as foundation and sunscreen,” she says. This will unblock your pores and let your skin breathe. “Then, follow with a gel cleanser that will work below the surface to remove toxins and sebum that our body naturally produces. When the skin is completely clean, it allows your other products (like high active ingredient anti-ageing serums, for example) to be absorbed and work at their optimum level,” says Meredith.

3. Use water-based products

“Skin – like our bodies – need to be hydrated,” says Meredith. “So, feed your skin with water-based products in the summer months. This way, the products will be absorbed, and not just sit on the surface,” says Meredith.

4. Exercise

When it doubt, sweat it out. As we all know, “movement increases the body’s circulation,” says Meredith. “This brings more oxygen to the cells, and thus improves the skin,” says Meredith.

Seems reasonable, we think. Right?

November 4, 201612:46pm

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