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Armpits. Not exactly the most glamorous topic, but one area that you really want feeling fresh and fab at all times, right?

Want to see the end of bumps, discolouration, odour and shaving rash? Dr. Jessica Weiser from the New York Dermatology Group spoke with Refinery 29 about how to keep the pits in line, and we were pretty surprised to find ourselves not doing a lot of these things.

Dr. Weiser explained that armpits have two glands – one that produces clear, odourless sweat, and the other, well let’s just say it’s not so odourless. That secondary gland produces a fluid that mixes with the bacteria on your skin to make that distinctive smell we like to call BO.

But while deodorant can keep that fluid production at bay and therefore keep you smelling good, there are other ways to get your pits under control that we hadn’t thought of before.

Treat your armpit like you would your face

Okay you don’t actually have to do a cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday but according to Dr. Weiser it can make a real difference to exfoliate those armpits. When you use deodorant, it can clog up the pores and hair follicles in the under arm, leading to ingrown hairs. So it’s important to exfoliate to reduce those bumps and clean up the area. You can just use your facial exfoliator – or if you need something a little more heavy duty – a glycolic or lactic acid based exfoliator is a great choice.

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Don’t shave unless you must

If hair removal is something you’re interested in, laser is the best for reducing irritation and discolouration. But if you do shave, the trick is to use WARM water and shaving cream with a fresh blade. What’s a fresh blade? Dr. Weiser says after five shaves it’s important to change the blade to reduce bacteria and fungi growth (ew!).

Consider your deodorant and give it a switch

Deodorants with alcohols in them can be one of the main reasons for irritation in the underarm area, so choosing a gentle deodorant with less alcohol can help guard against shaving rash, if that’s something you’re experiencing.

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