The actress opted for an interesting scent at yesterday’s Emmy’s but this oil does more than make you smell nice.

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When celebs accessorise their red-carpet couture gowns, they normally look to Harry Winston, Chopard or Tiffany & Co. but Kristen Bell rummaged through the aromatherapy section to complete her floral Zuhair Murad gown.

During her interview with E! News’ Guliana Rancic, Bell shared she was wearing amber oil on her wrist instead of typical perfume. “I get it at whole foods. A little bottle that says Amber on it. Four bucks. Go for it,” the actress said, before promising Rancic, “I’ll get you some.”

Not only does the oil, obviously, have an attention-grabbing fragrance, it also has a ton of health benefits – when used as a component of aromatherapy, it’s been known to soothe the body, rejuvenate new skin cell growth, alleviate respiratory issues and increase your libido. Coconut oil, step aside.

So what is amber oil?

Amber oil is a product of tree resin – the extract of this resin is then mixed with sunflower oil, frankincense, agar wood and other exotic oils to create amber oil. Hence, why it smells so good.

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When applied properly, amber oil can have a sedating effect on the body making it a great sleep aid and relaxant. It’s also said to promote positive thoughts. Try mixing a few drops in a bath to help clam the body. You could also add a few drops to massage oil to help ease stress.

It’s believed that amber oil can help promote the growth of new skin cells which can help ageing skin. Look out for skincare products that harness the benefits of the oil or try adding a few drops to hot water for an at home facial steam.

Some even suggest it’s an aphrodisiac due to it’s ability to promote blood circulation and stimulates hormones – so might be worth having an oil diffuser burning if you’re looking to get lucky.

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While there isn’t much scientific evidence to back it up, others believe amber oil can help alleviate asthma symptoms and reduce joint pain in those with arthritis.

One thing, however, is for sure, amber oil is going to be selling like hotcakes thanks to Bell’s endorsement.

September 20, 201610:53am

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