ts called niacinamide and here’s why you want to know all about it.

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Every year, there’s a hero skincare ingredient you suddenly start seeing on all packaging, ever. This year, I felt like every bottle that passed my desk was loudly touting niacinamide as it’s gold-dust, unicorn tears magical ingredient – and as exciting as the word sounds (doesn’t it just seem so EFFECTIVE? I love sciency names), I honest to god had no idea what it did and why I should be using it. So, being the good beauty editor I am, I asked. Specifically, I asked Erin Holohan, Advanced Dermal Therapist at FacePlus Medispa.

I have mental sensitised, reactive skin so obviously I love an ingredient that won’t sting, itch, or burn my skin. This is IT, guys. “Niacinamide is an all-rounder. Everyone and anyone can use this ingredient,” says Erin.

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It’s a total slashie

As in, it works for a myriad of skin issues. “Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, and it breaks down pigment in skin,” says Erin – which means it’s fab for working to get rid of pesky pigmentation. But – it doesn’t stop there. “It’s also amazing for restoring skin, so it’s great for acne because it won’t irritate.” Basically – because it works on pigmentation BUT doesn’t irritate because of its anti-inflammatory nature, it’ll keep acne scars at bay during and after a breakout, without irritating your skin. That means it’s also fab for people with rosacea.

Oh, and for anti-ageing? Niacinamide stimulates cells to produce more collagen, meaning it helps with skin firmness and plumping up fine lines.

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It’s so easy to use

Meaning, it’s not fiddly at all. “Because it stays stable in heat and light, niacinamide can be used at any time,” explains Erin. Where some ingredients can only be used at night as UV breaks them down, niacinamide can be whacked on your face morning, night, lunchtime, whenever! “Just pop it on after cleansing and toning, and follow with your moisturiser and sunscreen in the day,” says Erin.

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Obviously you’re now keen as mustard to get amongst this wonder ingredient, right? Look for it in serums – there are loads on the market that include niacinamide at different levels for different purposes. Some moisturisers are also involving the ingredient. “Just make sure niacinamide is the second or third ingredient listed on the product,” says Erin. This is so you know there’s enough in there to actually make a difference on your skin.

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