A personal trainer reveals the (honestly, kind of gruelling) move you need to work in to your workout.

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You plank in front of the TV and crunch like it’s going out of fashion (it’s not) but if you feel like your back needs some extra attention, you might want to incorporate some unglamorous (but hard-working) chin-ups into your routine.

According to personal trainer Matthew Flynn, this body weight exercise is the one move you must do – plain and simple – if you want a better back.

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“Chin-ups incorporate a large area of the back – particularly the lower lats – and strengthen multiple muscle groups at once, if done correctly,” says Flynn.

“They also work your shoulders, arms and chest, and are known for their metabolism-boosting capabilities.”

Now, we’re not suggesting you install a bar at home (even though if you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym) but consider working these into your workout, for the sake of your upper back, muscle mass and, you know, all round strength levels – Flynn says it’ll get easier over time, and we say it’ll help you carry in your next IKEA haul.

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October 7, 20162:53pm

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