If you enjoy cycling, you’ve probably heard the link between bike riding and infertility. So, do you or your significant other need to worry? Find out here. By Pinky Chng

Should You Avoid Cycling If You Are Trying To Get Pregnant?

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For women

Perhaps you’re experiencing decreased genital sensation due to soreness from riding. And there’s some evidence that orgasmic contractions betters the chances of the sperm and egg meeting up. So draw the link.

But this risk factor is easily modifiable. Raise the height of your bike’s handlebars so you’re not leaning forward as much. This way, you’re not putting that much pressure on the soft tissue of your lady parts.

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For men

Rest easy: there’s no direct link between cycling and infertility. Research stating otherwise often study an extreme group of participants like Ironman triathletes. Lower levels of sexual health in these individuals might also be because of the vigor of their punishing training regimes, and such.

So recreational cyclists need not worry – those scare-mongering studies probably don’t apply to your significant other. If you still need to put your mind at ease, the largest study to date of 5,200 cyclists found no link between between fertility and cycling for up to 8.5 hours a week. If anything, those who cycled 4-6 hours a week actually enjoyed greater fertility!

That being said, long periods on the saddle will reduce blood flow and cause soreness, which some researchers then link to eventual erectile dysfunction. But with a properly-fitted saddle, this reduction in blood flow is forgivable and won’t affect your man’s sexual health.

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A version of this story first appeared in the July 2016 print edition of The Finder.

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