Prior to you start your detox, have a few meat free days and try and stick to fresh salads, fruit and raw veggies. Eat as little prepared food as possible and beverage a lot of fresh, pure water.

This will enable your body to prepare itself and you will find that procedures like the seawater flush will be a lot smoother in a shorter amount of time.

If you prepare your body for a few days, it already has the opportunity to expel a great deal of the built up waste that can often obstruct a seawater flush from working within the first few days.

Numerous people are lured to binge prior to starting their detox as they won’t be consuming for 10 days (or nevertheless lots of days you decide to detox for) however this won’t do you any favors at all.

If you are starting your detox on a Monday, then pencil the start of your detox in for the preceding Friday. This will offer you the weekend to gently prepare your body for the detox and it will make life a lot easier on your own.

Think about these couple of days as the start of your detox, don’t concentrate on the Monday as the beginning of your cleanse. This was an error I made in my very first clean and I believe that it hindered me at the start. I didn’t binge before I started and I didn’t drink for a couple of days prior either but this was since psychologically I was so longing to start, that my body was currently ‘going off’ scrap in anticipation of what was to come.

However I didn’t adhere to a raw food diet and I didn’t cut down on caffeine – male, I want I ‘d cut back on caffeine! Why didn’t somebody tell me to cut back on the caffeine? But you live and find out and fortunately by reading this short article, you are better prepared than I ever was!

So, to wrap up, lay off the cooked and processed foods, attempt to consume 80-90% raw if you cannot manage 100%, cut out alcohol and start to radically minimize your consumption of caffeine.

If you have a high consumption of caffeine – over 3 cups of tea or coffee a day, then I would extremely recommend that you begin to cut back for a duration of a minimum of a week prior to beginning the cleanse. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this nugget of suggestions since come day 3, when your body is really catching the clean, your caffeine withdrawal headache is going to seem like a marching band in your head.

Ever had a really bad migraine? This is worse and you can’t take any tablets as they are off limitations! I invested day 3 in bed wanting to cut my avoid! You will not need to!


Make sure you have some soluble aspirin in your house. Your digestion system won’t have to break it down and if your headache is completely excruciating then you’ll be glad it’s on hand!

Nikki writes a blog focused on the Lemon Detox Diet and also has a totally Totally free Guide to the Lemon Detox available on her website.