Why not dance your way to that corner office?

Dance moves for your office Christmas Party

Look up the term “Office Christmas Party” in the dictionary and you’ll find it sitting next to “awkward”, “unsettling” and “dreaded”.

There is cheap alcohol, colleagues you don’t really want to hang at with beyond the hours of nine to five and a feeling of forced fun lingering in the air.

The best way to deal with this? Get over and hit the dancefloor.

We’ve recruited dancer and choreographer Amrita Hepi to show you how to do just that. Amrita will teach you how to twirl, bump and grind you’re way to a memorable night – who knows you might even have fun in the process?

Talent: Amrita Hepi
Videographer: Nigel Lough
Video producer/Art director: Lulu Freedman
Creative directior: Eliza Cracknell
Clothes: Talent’s own.

December 12, 201611:41am

fitness | body+soul

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