Do I really need to detoxify my system?
On an average day, you inhale and ingest nearly 2000 dangerous chemicals and hundreds of bacteria and viruses. If you work in a job which puts you in contact with lots and lots of new and diverse people, they may expose you to pathogens for which you have little or no immunity. Especially if you handle money, you come in contact with just about every pathogen and toxin floating around in the general population; and if you handle a significant number of $ 20 bills, you also pick-up measurable amounts of drugs. Your regular tap water contains not only heavy metals and pesticides, but also a lot of antibiotics, psychotropic drugs, and petroleum by-products. On the one hand, your body’s own defense mechanisms help you eliminate the majority of dangerous foreign elements every day, so that a Master Detox regime may not number among your most urgent concerns. On the other hand, your body’s own mechanisms miss about 2% of everything you inhale and ingest, and that random 2% becomes free radicals which will attach to and damage your cells. Even if you do not complete a comprehensive Master Detox, you definitely should make sure you eat lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and drink lots of fresh fruit juices.

What about Hazards and Risks from the Master Detox?
If you have a chronic disease, especially one that weakens or compromises your immune system, you should not attempt a detox diet except with a doctor’s care and supervision. Under no circumstances should you stop taking medication as part of your detox program, because the consequences of sudden withdrawal from many prescription medications can be fatal. On the other hand, if you take a variety of over-the-counter medications for a wide variety of complaints, you should stop taking them. Dehydration poses your greatest risk in a traditional Master Cleanse program, because the diuretics and digestive stimulants in your herbal mix will make you sweat, urinate, and evacuate your bowels considerably more than normal. In addition to your lemonade cleansing beverage, make sure you consume the recommended daily quantity of purified water, and you may add extra antioxidant fruit juices to your regime, because they hydrate and help you cleanse.

Will a Master Detox Program Really Help Me Lose Weight?
Yes, but you must carefully monitor your weight loss, because sudden and excessive weight loss may point to a serious health problem. You ought to lose a pound or two each day for the duration of your cleanse; you may lose an extra pound or two if you properly supplement you detox with a good exercise program. On the first day of your detox, you may lose between five and seven pounds, most of which is water weight. If you hydrate properly, you will put back a couple of those pounds. In order to assure steady, permanent weight loss, you must stick with a program of daily cardio-vascular exercise. Walking stands out as by far the simplest, least expensive, and most productive; and, according to psychologists, if you walk with your dog, the combination of exercise and companionship boosts your body’s own anti-depressant mechanisms.

Must I really follow the recipe for “The Master Cleanse”?
Although all the ingredients in the traditional recipe have powerful cleansing and healing properties, and they work together to boost your health benefits, you can find better-tasting, equally potent alternatives. Many people now substitute cranberry juice for lemonade in the traditional mix, and many get maple syrup’s carbohydrate boost from blending fresh fruits-especially acai berries or blueberries–into their juice mix. You may omit cayenne pepper from your drink if you take cayenne tablets instead; or if you allow yourself the dubious pleasure of eating a couple of red hot chili peppers each day, you will get more than enough cayenne to cleanse and energize all your systems. Green tea mixes well with almost everything, so that it makes little sense to forego its benefits in any recipe you borrow or invent.

How Long Should I Stay on a Master Detox Program?
Even without an aggressive detox program, your body naturally purges most toxins in about 72 hours. Hence, the conventional wisdom that the first three days of any rehab program feel like a three-day journey through that hot place: your brain, central nervous system, and cells are adjusting to deprivation of stimulants, pain-killers, and dopamine-boosters on which they have depended. Therefore, you should plan on sticking with your cleanse for at least three days. Most experts agree a ten-day cleanse works well, because you can break the basic psychological addictions that support your chemical dependencies in approximately ten days. Some in-patient rehabilitation programs may keep you on some form of detox diet program for your entire 28 day stay; but no detox program, no matter how aggressive, ever should extend beyond forty days.

When Should I Expect to See and Feel Some Benefits?
For the first day of your detox regime, you may feel terrible, because the Master Cleanse stresses your digestive system, and doing without solid food just makes you hungry and irritable. You probably will urinate considerably more than usual, and you may perspire profusely. By the end of the second day, as most toxins and pathogens have passed from your system and your vital organs regain their optimum function, you ought to begin feeling a little better. By the end of the third day, as your body and psyche have acclimated to the regime, you should feel “fine”; and by the end of ten days, most veterans say they feel the best they ever have felt.

What Can Help Me Get the Best Results?
Planning and preparing for your Master Cleanse, schedule your own personal retreat, starting your detox and breaking all your bad habits simultaneously. If you smoke, quit as you detox; if you drink alcohol, stop as you cleanse. No matter how much you crave solitude and fear the detox program’s ravages, do not go alone. Take at least one trusted friend with you, because you will need support, encouragement, and discipline as you push yourself through the program’s most challenging early stages.

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