New research is going to make Ben & Jerry’s lovers very happy.

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Tired of grumbling your way through low-fat Greek yoghurt and a slice of wholegrain toast at breakfast – you know – because you’re only eating them in an attempt to make the “healthy” choice?

We have some good news… and yes it will totally validate your decision to head straight to the freezer for a scoop of Hokey Pokey when you wake up.

Professor Yoshihiko Koga from Kyorin University in Tokyo – in an act that we can only assume was to get back at his parents for feeding him All Bran every morning throughout his entire childhood – decided to conduct a study to find out if ice cream for breakfast really was bad for you.

He potentially surprised even himself with the results he found.

The study

Koga enlisted people to take part in an experiment where half of the subjects (ie. the lucky ones) woke up and immediately ate three spoonfuls of ice cream. The other half did not.

After breakfast subjects were then asked to complete mental exercises on a computer, with their results monitored.

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Results found people who had eaten ice cream were more relaxed, better and concentrating AND better mental processing.

Could that mean ice cream for breakfast actually makes us … smarter?


Koga, being the stand-up researcher that he is, needed to test all outlying factors before he could start spreading the good news. Could it actually be the ‘coldness’ of ice cream that gave these results?

Koga conducted the same experiment, except with glasses of icy cold water. While those with the ice water did do better, the results were less clear this time round …

And that’s all the evidence we really need to hear. Ice cold water may be good and all, but we’ll take three scoops of creamy, delicious Ben & Jerry’s over it any day!

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December 8, 20169:12am

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