The Women’s Equality Party is demanding fair representation of all sizes in fashion.

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Flipping through pages of runway looks can be a little depressing. The beautiful, thin girl in the stunning dress is something many women aspire to be, and often it is an unattainable dream.

The Women’s Equality Party (WEP) is launching a campaign against “the presentation and idolisation of a uniform body type” and the consequences it has on women’s body image.

With London Fashion Week looming in late September, the party have a few key demands. If the demands are not met the WEP plan to petition the Mayor to withdraw government funding for fashion week campaigns.


Firstly, the party are requesting all models undergo a BMI test. Should models test less than 18.5 it suggests that they are underweight and possibly malnourished.

These models will need to be seen by an accredited medical professional to judge their health before they walk the runway. Similar legislation already exists in European countries like France and Spain.

Sample sizes are to be monitored as well, with the WEP asking fashion designers to create at least two different sample sizes in every range, with one being a 12 or above.

They are also calling for commitment from fashion publications to include one plus size fashion spread in every issue. Their final demand is that body image awareness becomes a mandatory lesson in school health classes.


While these demands may see some changes in legislation, it’s so important to remember, that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Women who are naturally thin worry about what people think of them just as much as ladies with gorgeous curves. We all have our insecurities and no one is a harsher judge than you. At the end of the day, being happy and healthy and full of life is all that really matters.

September 7, 201612:32pm

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