Let people see what’s beneath the bronzer.

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Most women’s morning routine involves applying a mask of makeup before facing the world. We step out of the shower, blow-dry our hair, and reach for foundation, eyeliner mascara and lipstick before we reach for a cup of coffee – or banana bread.

Many of us don’t feel right without makeup. We’d be horrified at the thought of opening the front door to sign for registered mail before we’d ‘put our face on’. A small makeup bag tucks itself in our handbags like a security blanket so we can reach for it during the day for reassuring touch-ups. Then we apply another coat before heading out for drinks or dinner in the evening.

However, ditching makeup can be the most empowering move you can make.

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Giving foundation the flick and leaving the lippy alone can help you make peace with the person you see in the mirror; the real you.

Often on social media we see no makeup hash tags, celebs ‘daring to bare’. Remember when #NoMakeUpSelfie was trending? This may be fleetingly empowering, but it’s a rarity. Psychologists distinguish between a stable sense of confidence and fleeting boost.

Going makeup free can be a positive, decisive step to being your natural self not a one-off selfie with a filter of pure fear!

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We all hide our insecurities behind a mask – anxiety, social phobias, fears – our real selves rarely get an airing as we try to fit into being what society wants from us.

Truth is, we’re way too hard on ourselves. We don’t have to wear three layers of makeup to be acceptable. Some women would rather spend their time on other things than grooming – and that’s precisely the point; it should feel like a choice rather than a requirement!

It can be liberating to strip off the slap and let people see us as we really are, beneath the bronzer.

1-2-3 to a makeup free me

1) Going makeup free can be a shock to the system if you usually like to cake on layers. Get used to seeing yourself in all your bare-faced glory before you venture out into the world! Start by taking your makeup off as soon as you get home, and then around your friends – ease yourself into your new look gently.

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2) Swap your heavy products for lighter alternatives. Light BB cream can replace thick matte foundation, only use concealer on blemishes and try clear lip-gloss rather than constantly relying on thick lipstick. Your skin will be grateful if you let it breathe – and think of the time and money you’ll save!

3) Ditching makeup doesn’t mean you have to stop taking pride in your appearance! It will be a step-by-step, gradual process before you feel confident enough to wear less to work. Save the gloss, sparkle and shimmer for nights out – that way you’ll feel extra special rather than caking it on all day, every day.

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