Fatigue is an alarm bell to announce that we have actually built up toxic substances in the body, which alter the rate I usually negatively affecting blood flow and internal modifications.

< br/ > Contaminants can be triggered by a sedentary life without gymnastics, an inappropriate diet plan, with pluses or minuses of food absolutely necessary for appropriate performance of our domestic plant, a breathing failure, a higher usage of drugs or alcohol, lost nights, excessive smoking cigarettes.

Cura use for a week or 10 days: early morning on an empty stomach will take a full tablespoon sunflower oil or olive oil, which makes dressing and minimizes gastric blood cholesterol.

For a ball, a spoon is an excellent depurative sodium sulphate, liquified in a cup of lukewarm water (coffee cup) prior to breakfast (from time to time).

< br/ > During this time we consume fresh food quickly with milk, yoghurt, fermented cheese, cooked or raw veggies: lettuce, very finely sliced raw cabbage, turnip greens or fall, or grated carrots sautéed spinach, nettles, Steve (mashed), dandelion, watercress, pilework, celery with cream cheese mixed race or oil, lemon mayo and yogurt or false (in yogurt and a tablespoon of mustard and a little oil combined with honey), celery with a little sautéed onion small spoonful of broth and red peppers, Brussels sprouts (sautéed), food, leeks, veggie soups, pot of all the veggies in the cut and an apple, peas, green beans, grated radish (salad) or sauté kale broth.

< br/ > In the early morning we consume fruit or vegetable juice, stewed and we consume as little flour and sugary foods.

Although all fruits and veggies have vitamins, this time we do a course of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

In some cases we even take fish oil. Fish oil is an exceptional “balm” dissolve cholesterol in the blood, heal wounds on mucous membranes and enhances the body.

Thus, avoiding chips, smoked, fatty foods, canned sauces, alcohol, tobacco, we will discover our detoxifying and we can even alter our skin. He will be fresh and transparent, nearly invisible cercanele will be colorful and blood will be reflected in the cheeks.

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