– Get rid of refined sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, soda, wheat and dairy items, gluten, table salt, soy and hydrogenated, trans fats. Most of these items cause stress to the body and cause dysfunction, stimulating fat keeping hormonal agents and included body weight.

– Do not starve yourself. Keep away from anything called a diet. Healthy consuming is a way of life for health, vitality, longevity and fat loss. Diets are a significant stressor to your body triggering a harmed metabolism, hormonal disruption, muscle loss and fat storage.

– Stop drinking coffee and alcohol. Drink more organic green tea, ideally before 1pm. Likewise, include detox teas such as Pau ‘d Arco and dandelion tea.

– Consume little mini-meals every 3-4 hours. Constantly eat breakfast that consists of an organic protein source and healthy fats. Consist of lots of naturally grown fresh fruits and veggies.

– Take in an appropriate amount of filtered water daily. Your body is 85% water and physiologically water works as a catalyst to a lot of functions within your body. Add the juice from an entire lemon and/or lime.
Bodyweight x. 7 = the number of ounces daily for you personally to take in.

– Practice yoga or qigong or bounce on a rebounder or walk briskly or any exercise that cleanses the body of toxic substances. Practice at least 2-5 minutes of deep, full diaphragmatic stubborn belly breathing daily.

– Do not eat after 8pm. The night is the time for your body to rest and detox, not absorb your food. Consuming before bedtime disrupts sleep, produces digestive distress and lessens your production of growth hormone.

– Quality sleep. Keep a regular sleep schedule, going to sleep and waking around the same time. Efficiently asleep by 10pm, awake by 6am. Your body repairs physically and psychologically during the night during sleep. This is a time for your body to stabilize hormones, repair work tissues and regenerate. If you’re extremely physical, more sleep may be needed.

– Detox your mind. Your ideas are the most powerful method to maintain health and wellness and to recover your body. Shut off the news. Generate positive feelings and ideas. Practice affirmations daily.

– Surround yourself with similar individuals. Form win-win relationships. Determine who is trustworthy and displays character traits of integrity, honesty and authenticity. Liquify those relationships that not serve you in a favorable light and enjoy relationships that feed your soul and make you feel great.

– Keep a food journal for one week. Research shows that people who journal what they consume tend to lose two times as numerous pounds and make healthier food choices.

– Reward yourself. Allow yourself time to rest without feeling guilty. Offer yourself daily sunlight. Enjoy a long bath with Epsom salts with a relaxing important oil such as lavender. More sex! Schedule a massage or sauna. Listen to your gut (intuition) and provide your body, mind and soul the assistance it requires.

– Express thankfulness every day. Be Genuine!

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