The make-up magnate shares her health and wellbeing routine.


She’s known for her cult products and impressive roster of A-list clients, but how does a make-up magnate and celebrity (in her own right, that is) make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury look after her own health and wellbeing – never mind – actually exercise? “I am constantly running after my two beautiful boys – they’re always racing around,” she tells us. Here, Tilbury shares which products should be in your gym bag (hey, she’s known for sleeping in her make-up so a light application before spin is NBD), the healthy meals on her high-rotation and how, exactly, she unwinds.

What’s a quick make-up trick if you’re rushing from pilates to brunch?

Apply lipstick. It’s an instant beauty pick-me-up and will really enhance your post-workout glow. Make sure your lipstick has some hydrating ingredients, so that it protects them from cracking and dryness while you’re on the go.

How can you make your teeth look whiter, if you’ve over-done the coffee?

The juxtaposition of an incredible bright lip against the white of your teeth will immediately give the illusion of an even brighter smile. Wear a rich red hue with a blue undertone – this will enhance the whitness of your teeth, while the colour will instantly lift your complexion.

What’s one way to reduce redness?

Find products that target what might be causing the redness, while you wear it. My Magic Foundation treats and transforms while you wear because it contains mushroom extract, which tightens the pores to reduce sebum production, while the vitamin C brightens the complexion and reduces the appearance of acne over time.

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What should you apply if you want to wear make-up to the gym?

Let your skin breathe with a cleansing balm (I use my Multi-Miracle Glow, which is packed with vitamins and leaves the skin dewy and soft), a lightweight, glow-giving foundation, lash-curling mascara and a rejuvenating lip-gloss that pumps the lips, and gives it a healthy, dewy pout.

How do you relax and switch off?

Spending time at home in Notting Hill with my wonderful husband, George, and two gorgeous boys Flynn and Valentine. Also, every year I take all of August off to relax with my amazing family in Ibiza, where I grew up. As my life in London is so hectic – and I’m always at the airport getting on and off planes – I love just being surrounded by my close friends and family. Ibiza is such a carefree and hypnotic island; I always leave feeling so recharged and energized!

What does a healthy day on a plate look like for you?

For breakfast, I drink hot water with lemon to kick-start my metabolism, and avocado on gluten free toast with lots of chilli and pepper. For lunch, I like a fresh green Thai prawn curry with cauliflower rice. As I love enjoying a huge lunch, I usually have something light in the evening, like a soup, for dinner.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

When I was at the very start of my career I received a note from a Beauty Editor saying: “Knock it to them, Charlotte. I know you’ll be a star!”, which really gave me the drive and motivation to keep moving forward. I’ve always had self-belief, which is so important when visualising what you want.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give someone looking to start their own business?

Dare to dream, dare to believe it, dare to do it!

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September 28, 201612:29pm

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