Make it a point to up your awareness about the disease with these facts and figures. By Dawn Chen

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422,000,000 – Number of people worldwide who have diabetes. This number has been steadily increasing for the last 30 years. 

9% – Percentage of people in Singapore who are affected by diabetes. 

9 in 10 – Diabetes patients who are over the age of 40. 

2 – There are two major types of diabetes – Type 1, which is genetic and usually develops below the age of 35, occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin. Type 2 is much more common, and is caused by lifestyle factors like obesity and a lack of exercise that contribute to unresponsive insulin receptors in the body.

10-40% – Number of patients with diabetes who are at risk of developing kidney disease. Thankfully, it can be prevented by controlling one’s blood sugar and blood pressure levels and eating a low protein diet. 

1,500,000 – Global number of deaths in 2012 that were directly caused by diabetes. The World Health Organization predicts that diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death in 2030.

2-3 – How many times higher the risk of developing heart attacks and strokes is for diabetic patients.

30 minutes – The minimum amount of regular, moderate to intense activity you should do every day to stave off a host of illnesses, including diabetes. Those looking to lose weight should exercise even more.

1 in 3 – Proportion of diabetics who are unaware they have the disease.

Sources: Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, US National Kidney Foundation, Diabetic Society of Singapore 

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