Could it really be as simple and straightforward as this?

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Lyndi Cohen, accredited practicing dietitian and founder of The Nude Nutritionist, walks us through the ways our kitchen could be stopping us from dropping kilos, from the colour on the walls (seriously) to those sneaky snacks ‘for guests’.

1. The colour of your walls

It seems colour has a profound impact on the brain. Research suggests that ‘warm’ colours like red, orange and yellow can elevate our blood pressure, make us more excited and even stimulate appetite. On the flip side, ‘cool’ colours like blue, purple and green seem to have a calming effect, reducing appetite. If your kitchen is bright red, orange or yellow – it may be time for a repaint.

2. An overly stocked pantry and fridge

It’s tempting to buy in bulk. We convince ourselves that we will ‘save it for later’ but when your kitchen is stockpiled with treat food – balanced, healthy eating can get side-tracked. Often, simply knowing that delicious food is located somewhere in the house can be a trigger for a binge. Also, buying too much fresh food at a time can result in food waste – causing you to grab a takeaway when the veggies are spoilt. Rather than stock piling your kitchen as though the world is ending, try to buy less food but shop more frequently. Not only will this strategy help ensure you get plenty of delicious, fresh foods – it may even save you a little money.

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3. An unhealthy tea and coffee station

If a cookie jar or packet of biscuits are located next to the tea, coffee and kettle – no doubt you’ll end up having a few more than your intended. Creating a healthier tea and coffee station is a simple way to skip the additional treats. Pop the biscuits in a harder to reach cupboard to reduce the temptation. Out of sight – out of mind. If you’re craving a treat, you know where to look.

4. Buying food for ‘entertaining’, when you don’t even have plans…

Do you have a selection of treat foods in your pantry, which you keep “just in case” a guest, friend or relative unexpectedly drops by? Whilst your intentions are pure, inevitably, when you crave a treat, you’re likely to head to the stash of sweets intended for someone else. There is no need to buy treats for guests you don’t have yet. Ideally, skip the treat foods altogether and serve your guests something nourishing like fresh cut-up fruit, pickles and olives or nuts – or whatever else is in the house at the time. No doubt your loved ones are like-minded and would prefer to be healthy, too.

5. Plenty of treats in sight

Human beings are simple creatures: we eat what we see. Naturally, the foods kept on the main shelf, at eye-level are most likely to be eaten first. To help you stick to your health aspirations, simply reconfigure your pantry and kitchen. Ideally, treats should be kept out of sight: higher or lower shelves, in opaque containers. Whilst healthier options should be placed front and center: last nights veggie stir-fry on the main shelf or a bright bowl of fruit on the counter.

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