Counter the downside to wearing heels with these tips! By Janice Sim

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It’s almost like a love/hate relationship when it comes to wearing high heels. They don’t just look good but also elongate our frame, but the problem is, they tend to cause us alot of pain during and after the process of wearing them out. Follow these tips to minimise the damage of high heels on our precious feet.

1. Massage and stretch your legs

While walking in heels, your Achilles tendons and calf muscles usually get really tight, which can contribute to the pain and ache after you get home from a long day. Do simple leg stretches like how you would before a run, and massage any area in your toes that is causing you pain. Doing so will promote blood circulation and calm the nerves in your calves and feet.

2. Swear by commuter shoes

They might not look the prettiest but wearing shoes that come with a thick sole and good arch support can lessen the harsh impact of what wearing high heels can do to your feet. It is always best to minimise the time and distance you spend walking in sky high heels so only wear them when you reach your destination. Make this a habit, even if it means lugging around an extra pair of shoes, and you’ll find yourself having fewer problems when you get older.

3. Make it a point to get a classic pedicure every once in a while 

The combination of improperly cut toe nails or ingrown nails and high heels can lead to a lot of pain or even calluses that form on your feet. Having a pedicure can eliminate the chances of that happening.

4. Choose platforms over a pair of stilettos

A thicker platform sole helps to distribute your body weight, hence lessening the impact of the high arch position on your feet.

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5. Moisturise daily

Wearing high heels even for a short while can cause dry patches of skin to occur, leading to thick calluses. Keep the skin on your feet constantly moisturised and supple before stepping into your heels, so to prevent the dry areas from developing blisters during the period of walking or standing in them.

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