Choose water over a cup of coffee in the morning as studies show that drinking warm water on an empty stomach offers health benefits. By Pinky Chng

5 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water In the Morning That Might Surprise You

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1. It increases your metabolism

A good start is half the race won. Warm water first thing in the morning will kickstart your metabolism for the rest of the day. Having cold water can adversely impact your digestive system instead. The body will have to use more energy to warm up the cold water and your food, taking a longer time to digest.

2. It detoxifies your body

Warm water cleanses the body of toxins accumulated overnight (and from the cheeky supper snack you had the night before). Add other cleansing agents to your water, such as honey, fresh mint, cucumber, or lemon.

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3. It prevents premature ageing

Simple – by flushing out the toxins in your body (which can cause premature ageing). So that’s why the call it the fountain of youth.

4. It gives you better skin

You could have an expensive, extensive skincare routine, or you could simply rely on this simple, natural remedy to get healthy, radiant skin. Warm water helps to repair skin cells, which increases the elasticity of your skin. It improves the blood circulation throughout your body as well, giving you a brighter, rosier complexion.

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5. And better hair

Each hair strand is comprised of almost 25 per cent water. No prizes for identifying the link between drinking enough water and healthy tresses. Warm water, in particular, energises the nerve endings in your hair roots and keeps them active, giving vitality to your hair and stimulating hair growth.

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